If you have never seen a psychotherapist before, the process of psychotherapy involves a professional clinician working with you to help you overcome your problems, issues and concerns. We use evidence-based psychological methods to improve your well-being, mental and emotional health. Psychotherapy is practiced with the goal of resolving and lessening troublesome and dysfunctional thinking and behaviors. You get to understand and know yourself and others much better and be equipped with new healthier ways of living, loving and relating. Your well-being is a collaborative effort between you and your therapist.


Who We Serve


An individual session is a one-on-one therapy process between you and your therapist in a safe, caring and confidential environment. You get as much good outcome from your therapy as the amount of effort you put into the work of applying and practicing new ways of functioning. Get to know your therapist well and find out how you like working together.


Your relationship is very important to your health and happiness and when they are not working, whether it is with your spouse, partner, friends, family or co-workers, there are better ways to manage, resolve and reconcile troublesome differences and conflicts. You will gain insights into the relationship dynamics that maintain the problem and conflicts and understand your roles in them, therefore changing the dysfunctional dynamics. Central to relational conflicts are effective communication skills and emotional expressions


Being in therapy with a group of people with similar issues can be just what you need. Group therapy is a collaborative healing process with a therapist and members of the group. You will realize you are not alone with your challenges and the sharing aspect of group therapy can bring about greater insights and understanding as you process these issues with others and the therapist.  Group therapy is also a great complement to individual therapy especially with relational and interpersonal issues.