Let’s Talk... About the real reason why your communication is not working 


How does it feel when you just had a good talk? And somebody listened. And really heard you

Whether it is with yourself, with a loved one, a friend, a stranger or your therapist, a good talk always leaves you feeling light, warm, fulfilled, relieved, connected and loved. Why is that? A good talk is not just good conversation, it is good communication. Good communication is feeling heard, seen, validated and understood. At the heart of every conflict or misunderstanding with others or with yourself is a failure of communication.

When you are anxious and depressed….

Do you have negative self-talk? What do you think and tell yourself about yourself that causes you fear, shame, doubt, anxiety and depression? Where is that low self-esteem coming from? Do you give all your power away to other people by blaming them for your problems? This never works. It only adds to your disappointment and pain. It is time to change your self-talk.

When your relationship is falling apart

Do you feel criticized, stonewalled, attacked and invalidated by someone you love when you tried to express yourself? Do you prefer the silent treatment or avoid talking rather than argue with your partner? Do you repress your and suppress your feelings and then feel resentful? Do you think there seems to be no way out of this? How you communicate drives you both crazy. But you also know a relationship dies when you are not engaged in good talk with your partner. There is a better way to a. happier relationship.

When you love each other but because of cultural difference, your communication get crossed meanings leading to misunderstandings

You were attracted to your partner partly because she brings to your life the excitement and novelty of a different cultural background. And we think as long we love each other, somehow things will work out, until you feel the frustration that comes from a different way of communicating, not wrong, just different. You do not want to lose this good relationship due to misunderstanding. There is a way to work these differences to greater understanding and deeper connection.

When you are cut off from your family

What led to this broken connection with your family? Your family is ideally a place of support and safety for you and yet you see them more as a source of harm and pain. Is there a failure of communication that you feel you cannot bridge?

Our nature is wired for connection. There is a way to live a life feeling connected and accepted and free to be who you really are. Underneath all these communication breakdowns and problems are buried psychological issues you may not be aware of.

When you want to discover your path to self-fulfillment

Are you frustrated and somehow disappointed with yourself, with your inability to get moving and do what you need to do to be happy?  Why is it hard for you to get your message across to people you work with to get things done? What is blocking you and keeping you stuck that is not outside of yourself? What kind of self-talk do you tell yourself? Do you know how to question them when they do not serve you?

When these are issues that rumble at the core of your discontent, pain and suffering, reach out to a therapist. There is one who listens with a third ear.

Talk to someone who can help you

  • see your blind spots
  • get to the bottom of your issues
  • develop awareness of your role in the creation and the elimination of your problems
  • gain insight as to your own inner resources and strengths to take hold of your issues
  • gain clarity on the changes and decisions you have to make to transform your life and relationships
  • equip you with knowledge and skills to cope with your unique challenges and find solutions
  • get what you want and eliminate what you don’t want in your life
  • express and communicate your needs and desires for a happier life.

It is time to have a good talk!