The Online Therapist by Bet Malarkey... the good talk psych

When I tell people I do online therapy or teletherapy, those who are not too acquainted with the idea would give me a raised brow and a  throw me a predictable question, "does it work?". We psychotherapists do talk therapy, and the same content of communication can be transmitted whether face-to-face, or mediated such as through video or phone. What makes talk therapy effective is more dependent on the ability of the communicator (in this case, the therapist) to draw out the client to be able to express him or herself because he/she feels safe with the therapist, resonates with the therapist, and feels like the therapist truly understands his/her issues and getting the help he/she needs. I can confidently say this because of my solid years of working with the online medium as a communications professional. The next question I get is, "you mean it is better than face-to-face therapy?" The honest answer is that they both have pros and cons when compared and of course, client's personal preference is what matters. But with all the conveniences offered by online therapy, in terms of time, location and less expense (check with your therapist), there is little not to like about it. 

As a therapist, and because of my facility and comfort with the online media, I enjoy the same quality of therapeutic interaction with my client as I do in person therapy. Whatever limitation is perceived with the medium when it comes to the therapeutic interaction is dependent on the skill and creativity of the therapist or the lack of this. I can attune to the tone, pitch, texture and nuances of their speech. Video sessions offers the same access to the nonverbal communication identified as a limitation for example. All in all however, the availability of online psychotherapy offers more accessibility to better mental health for those who are challenged by access and as such, a very positive direction for therapists and clients alike.

If online therapy is a better fit for your circumstances, call me, and let's have a good talk.