Honoring the Self

(These blogs are dedicated to you to provide you with insights, skills and coping mechanisms to transform your life from suffering to enjoyment. Every month's blog will focus on a specific subject)

Why is it that most of us tend to be more generous of care, more forgiving, more pleasing towards others than to ourselves? Do you notice how much critical we are of ourselves than of others? We put ourselves at the mercy of other people's acceptance of ourselves. Do they know you better than you are? Do they know what you are thinking and feeling?

If you recognize yourself as one of these people, and you do not understand why you suffer so much inside of you, causing you to feel depressed, anxious, and insecure, it is time to take another look at what you are doing to yourself.

Ask yourself the big question - why? 

A lot of clients who come to therapy could not answer this question on their own. They only know they are depressed and they suffer inside. Something inside of you wants to be paid attention to, seeking to be acknowledged, seen and heard. 

Do you want to feel good, if not better, with yourself? Would you like to enjoy your own company and be your own best friend as well? Then it is time to start your journey to achieve your best self!